14 June - 7 July


The Friday Group

prints, drawings, paintings & calligraphy by
Don Hatcher, Allen Hollinshead, Simon Kneebone
& John Martin

The Friday Group is an eclectic band of artists: John Martin, Simon Kneebone, Don Hatcher and Allen Hollinshead, all of whom have one common interest: Art, in all its forms. Meeting every Friday over coffee, they discuss all and sundry – predominantly art, along with a bit of show and tell, an exchange of ideas, the darkness and mirth of their history and, sometimes, their personal journeys!

Between them they represent multiple art disciplines, including painting, sculpture, print-making, illustration, cartooning, calligraphy, digital art and film-making.

John Martin: “Water: the visual and aesthetic qualities of water, from the way it moves at sea, over waterfalls, along creeks and streams, and as it falls from the sky as rain.” These are the qualities John has explored in the prints and drawings created for this exhibition.

Simon Kneebone: Simon’s ink and watercolour sketches attempt to capture moments that caught his eye, something that made him look twice, such as “the sunlight on a corner of a building, or rocks on a hillside; the wind blowing leaves into the air, or a beach towel across the sand; something that might also strike a chord with someone looking at the picture.”

Don Hatcher: After a career primarily focused on formal design, Don sees this as an opportunity to explore written text in a free and expressive manner – the ability to “use colour, space and the textural possibilities of handwritten forms to develop works where legibility is not of a primary concern.”

Allen Hollinshead: Whatever else Allen’s work may be perceived to be, it is, essentially, “a fascination with the play of light and energy of movement, not only, but in large part, inspired by all forms of dance motion.” Works to date include painting, charcoal and pastel drawings, digital art and 3D canvas constructions.

MEET THE ARTISTS - 1pm Saturday 22  June


contemporary artworks by
Robert Sherwood Duffield

Born in Adelaide, Robert completed his secondary education at Seacombe High then went on to study at the South Australian School of Art from 1977-1980. During that first year, his first public exhibition was an Installation in the Flinders’ University courtyard, followed by his first solo show at the Adelaide University Union Gallery in 1983. Around that same time, he also received his first commission for the Adelaide Festival of Arts, before moving to Sydney in 1989.

Robert’s exhibition works are paintings and drawings – mixed media, with the main theme being Recursive – and deal with Object/Image relationship. The surface of Abstract paintings are scanned and then the image of the surface is placed back onto the surface, which is then sealed. As Robert explains, “This dynamic process of image evolvement interests me greatly and has seen me working consistently, even obsessively, within my discipline for over 40 years.”

“With family and friends still living in Adelaide, I would like an opportunity for them and others to view my work,” Robert said.

MEET THE ARTIST - 12noon Saturday 15  June

Wanderings & Homecoming

contemporary textiles & mixed media by
Kaaren Temme

Kaaren has been a practicing artist since studying at TAFE in both WA and SA, before going on to graduate with a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of South Australia in 2000. She majored in textiles, which she continues to pursue, concentrating on machine embroidery and tapestry weaving, with chief influencers being Meg Douglas and Kay Lawrence. Her works often include other techniques learned, such as painting, print-making, drawing and paper-making.

As Kaaren explains, “My theme is travel, as well as being at home, and is documented from personal photos. Over the years, and many photographs later, I have found the colour and design of buildings in the various countries I have visited particularly interesting and on which I tend to focus. People tend to be secondary, although in Asian and middle-eastern countries, the colourful costumes always make for interesting photography and artwork.”

Kaaren is a member of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts and was made a Fellow in 2016. She is also a regular exhibitor with the Wild Fibre Artists, a group who have been exhibiting for twenty years. This is Karen’s first solo exhibition.

MEET THE ARTISTS - 1pm Saturday 22  June