15 June - 8 July


The Same But Different

drawings, prints & paintings by
Simon Kneebone, John Martin & Peter Wallfried

These three experienced artists all work in a traditional way, with their work based on representation of the world around us. The exhibition consists of paintings by Peter Wallfried, etchings and lino prints by John Martin, and drawings / watercolours by Simon Kneebone.

Peter Wallfried’s painting style varies, from the realistic to borrowing again from American TV culture – downtown bright lights, big cars and urbanization. . Several of his paintings are fictitious, invented scenes which invite the viewer to explore the unfamiliar; others show more authentic and familiar places. The subjects of the paintings, downtown street scenes, cars with dazzling headlights, parks and churches capture the unique nature that light takes on under the haze of darkness.

John Martin has been a full time practicing artist for over 20 years. Etching is his first choice of printing processes as it is the one form of printmaking that allows him to continue to explore and hone his drawing skills. In this exhibition he has explored ponds and rock pools with inspiration coming from his own garden fish pond, from the landscape around Adelaide and the beach at Hardwicke Bay on the Yorke Peninsula.

Simon Kneebone’s ink and watercolour sketches picture moments that caught his eye. Although he has worked as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for over 30 years he has continued to sketch. This exhibition is a new opportunity, to return to drawing and painting some of those glimpses of landscape and life that catch our eye for a second glance.

MEET THE ARTISTS 2pm Saturday 23 June

Text Me

artworks in various media, featuring elements of text
by members of the
Red House Group Inc

These two artists bring together their shared love of the colour and movement of everyday life. Their friendship has spanned over fifteen years, after they met at a drawing group in Burnside. 

Eddie Knuepffer draws upon his experiences overseas and his love for the Australian scenery and its culture. His photographs are a retrospective of local observations as well as a love for capturing an intermit moment. He has embraced new technology to manipulate and enhance his images in ways that slightly change our perspective and challenge the way we see things.

Eddie is a foundation member of the Red House Group and has had many exhibitions locally of his photography and his sculptural works. He is also a Fellow of the RSASA.

Doriano Lopresto has been an art and design teacher for thirty years, and in that time he has exhibited works in many local galleries and exhibitions. His paintings are an eclectic collection of personally relevant observations that show an ongoing attempt to capture various nuances of the colour of life. Some of his works are influenced by his travels overseas and his observations of people in candid moments. Recent works show an interest in light and distortion.

Doriano is a graduate of the SA School of Art and The University of South Australia. 


MEET THE ARTISTS - 2pm Sunday 24 June