7 April - 7 May2017


Terra Mater

contemporary paintings by

Terry MacDermot & Kate O'Reilly

At the heart of these artists’ work is a question about the ways in which we live harmoniously in the world. The title they have chosen ‘Terra Mater’ can be translated as “Mother Earth.” Their expressive visual language is a process of describing their views of the world: they relate through similar media application; however they equally distance themselves through their unique personal expression.

 Terry MacDermot and Kate O’Reilly have many similarities, and differences. Stylistically both artists are greatly influenced by abstract expressionism, and use bold gestural mark making and brushstrokes.  Kate’s work possesses a more vivid translucent colour palette, whilst Terry’s leans towards more limited muted natural colours with a deep earthy warmth.

 Terry MacDermot is a Zimbabwean born artist who emigrated to Australia in 1974. His career in teaching has seen him work in a number of schools both here and in New South Wales. He is currently Head of Visual Arts at St Michael’s College in Adelaide.

 Terry wants his work to remind the viewer of our natural world, its beauty, its power and its fragility. The tools for his mark making come directly from nature, with the compositional inspirations coming directly from macro/micro observations of his local environment.

 Kate O’Reilly is an Irish born visual creative who has been living in Adelaide since 2009. She has been a visual arts enthusiast and practitioner since childhood. For several years she worked as graphic designer in some renowned international design companies, before moving into visual arts education. She currently works as senior Visual Art Teacher at St Aloysius College in Adelaide.

 Kate’s paintings and prints are personal reflections and explorations of how we live in the fast paced contemporary culture and society, whilst being challenged by the demands of modern life and its impact on our cherished natural world.

 Their hope is by having a joint exhibition there will be mutual benefit by this meeting of minds and practical partnership. They are articulating the meaning of life as it’s lived today.

Meet the Artists: 2pm Sunday 23 April - Your chance to meet and talk to Terry & Kate about their work in a relaxed and informal atmosphere

Hanging Out

artworks in various media by

Carolyn Griffiths, Merilynn Highet, Natalie Lewcock, Ann Lindsay,
Rae Nation, Regina Parker & Susan Peter

These seven artists were all founding members of “Off the Slate Gallery”, a co-operative Gallery in Willunga.  When the Gallery was set up in 2005, all these ladies were part of the two teams responsible for the hanging of work and 3D display for every 8 week change over.

After meeting for lunch every second month for the past 2 years, it was agreed to prepare another collection of work to hang together. This time the venue is changed, but the depth of diversity in media and subjects will be the same.

Carolyn Griffiths works with a lot of texture and multi layers of paint to produce her distinctive contemporary work.

Merilynn Highet uses drawing, pastel, mixed media and acrylic combined to make up her diverse subject matter, that often includes figures or animals.

Natalie Lewcock is a traditional watercolourist and oil painter, and shows her love of the garden in her floral and old building paintings.

Ann Lindsay is an avid traveller with a love of nature She uses oil, pastel and acrylic to record these places.

Rae Nation has more recently moved back to her love of oils, painting ‘plein air’ landscapes where possible, but continuing with her love of pastel.

Regina Parker uses acrylic and oil to paint the word around her, with particular inspiration coming from her own back yard.

Sue Peter works in charcoal and acrylic and texture to share her love of nature. She also takes these images to a further dimension with sculpture.

 The collection of work by these country and city artists, with many years experience between them, will include a diverse range of style, subject and media. The inclusion of sculpture and texture will give an extra dimension.

Meet the Artists: 2pm Sunday 30 April - Your chance to meet and talk to artists from this exhibition in a relaxed and informal atmosphere